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  • $48.95

    The Gel is a unique blend of cesium salts and homeopathics, formulated to achieve the same effects of acupuncture without the needles. Based on research conducted in Western China, the Gel is designed to mimic the enzyme activation associated with acupuncture. The Gel is ideal for daily skin rejuvenation or to treat a range of skin conditions including...

  • $52.95

    The ultimate total beauty primer fills in fine lines leaving the skin smooth and perfected. Light reflecting micro-color spheres give the skin a beautiful glow.

  • $38.95

    Organic Virgin Coconut, Olive with Ceramides (skin's natural emollient) to improve moisture retention in the skin. Arnica, Chamomile and Elder Flower soothe and heal. HYA complex provides deep moisture to fill fine lines and wrinkles. Creamy rich texture with a soothing Coconut aroma. Recommended for all skin types experiencing dryness, flaking,...

Showing 49 - 52 of 52 items