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Vital Retinol Gel



  • Gentle 1oz
  • Strong 1oz
  • Extra Strong 1oz
  • Max 1oz

Product description

VITal Retinol Gel is an ideal treatment to combat wrinkles, thicken the epidermis and prevent future damage. It delivers high doses of potent retinol boosted with our regenerating peptides that have been demonstrated to boost collagen production and cellular renewal with minimal irritation. Increased cellular turn-over is not only benficial for skin rejuvenation but for acne control as well.

More info

to use: All skin types, except sensitive use nightly. Begin using three times a week and slowly increase until your skin becomes tolerant to using nightly. Start with the gentle strength (4 x concentration), progress to strong (7x concentration) then to extra-strong (10 x concentration) and upwards towards  MAX (30 x concentration) depending on your skin's tolerance.

ingredients: Vitamin A (Retinol), Regenerating Peptide, Youth Peptide, Green Tea (Japanese), Chamomile

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