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Organic Stain Remover



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Well organic stain remover uses all natural enzyme action to safely remove the toughest stains including food, baby and pet stains withough harsh chemicals or odors. this spot remover will not harm carpets, rug, upholstery or fabrics

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To Use: Shake before using. Spray directly on affected area and allow product to absorb into fibers. agitate area, blot with clean white terrycloth towel. After removal of stain, witpe with a clean, damp cloth. If stain is not completely gone in 48 hours, re-treat stained area. Always test for color fastness. For odors, pet accidents and other, pour liberally onto the stain. Do not blot, allow to dry. Keep out of children's reach and avoid eye contact. If eye contact occurs, flush with water.

Ingredients: A blend of enzymes, biocatalysts, organic surfactants and organic cleaning agents.

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