What is the NuFace?
The NuFACE is a multi-solution, skin care device designed with interchangeable treatment attachments to give you a younger and revitalized appearance.

How does it work?
The NuFace uses FDA-cleared microcurrent technology to gently stimulate the larger surface areas of the face. The device tones facial muscles while improving contour, skin tone, and targets fine lines and wrinkles.

Who should use the NuFace?
Anyone who is looking for a natural, non-invasive facial-lift! We also love using it above brows for a look that is sure to wow!

When should I use the NuFace?
This device produces visible results that are long-lasting with continued use. We love it as an add-on to facials, but to supercharge your results we recommend doing the treatment at home. Easy to use in as little as 5-minutes a day!

For more info call or come in!


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ES1702-1852_marchDetoxBlogImage_AIt only takes 10 days to feel like a new person inside and out. Our 10 Day Detox Challenge is designed to:

  • activate your body’s natural ability to burn fat and lose weight
  • clean out your system and change your habits
  • break your addictions to sugars, carbs and processed foods that are making you sick
  • target common health complaints such as asthma, headaches, joint pain, digestive problems and more

If you’ve failed at a detox before it could be because you felt hungry, sick or sluggish. Many people turn to juice fasts that lack the nutrition you need to properly detox.  Some other plans don’t offer enough food, especially protein, to give you the energy to thoroughly detox and don’t contain all the tools you need for success. Programs like these set you up to fail.

Our detox is different, easy and effective:

  • offers group support, including a licensed dietitian, expert staff and an online community
  • includes everything you need  in your personal detox kit (medical food smoothie powder, supplements, patient guide, recipes, food diary and more…)
  • the plan won’t leave you feeling hungry, you’ll feel energized and satisfied
  • you’ll quickly notice the difference in how you feel

So, what are you waiting for? Call to sign up for our next challenge (starting March 6th)!

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Our newest facial is a game changer! Meet the HydraFacial, a treatment that is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate all in one. Results are instant and you will leave your appointment glowing with long lasting results!

Who is this facial good for?
The HydraFacial is great for all skin types! It is extremely effective in improving overall skin health, but is also amazing for fighting fine lines & wrinkles, targeting enlarged pores & brown spots, and increasing elasticity & firmness!

What makes this service different?
The HydraFacial offers the benefits of microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, and extractions, while infusing your skin with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides! During the service we incorporate DermAware products to take the benefits to a whole new level. This facial offers powerful results, combined with Earthsavers relaxing lymphatic massage to make sure you leave feeling truly indulged. Everything you could possibly want in just one facial treatment!

When is the best time to get this facial?
Anytime! This service improves the quality of your skin, and is also great for special events when you want your skin looking extraordinary! (We hear celebs love to have one before red carpets!)

Interested? Call our Lakeside store to reserve your spot: 504-835-0225!

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Introducing: Money Spray

How would you like to change the energy in your life while attracting positive opportunities? Our newest product will do just that! Money Spray is an energy infused spray that invites money, opportunity, insight & abundance into your life!

Meet the Creator:
Lillian Shelton began her professional journey over 20 years ago, and is an experienced Reiki Therapist, Rainbow Reiki practitioner, and Intuitive Guide. She created the Money Spray to help her clients achieve healing and lasting change within their lives.

What does Money Spray do?
Money Spray helps clear emotional blocks and stalled energy that many of us struggle with when it comes to money by eliminating fear and anxiety and replacing it with optimism and empowerment.

What to expect when using Money Spray?
The Money Spray helps you feel more motivated to take action towards your financial goals. You may find it easier to focus your attention and achieve clarity in your monetary choices.

How to use Money Spray:
Spray on yourself as your day starts or anytime throughout the day when you want to invite opportunity into your life!

Mist on objects like bills, your car, computer, etc. to attract positivity or change of energy

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5 Reasons To Give Everyone On Your List The Earthsavers Box


The holidays are here along with the stress of pleasing everyone on your gift list! It can be hard finding the perfect gift, but we have the solution! We have curated 6 amazing gift boxes using our newly reformulated Earthsavers body products that are sure to impress. Here are our top 5 reasons that our gift boxes are just what you’re looking for:

  1. 100% natural products fill the boxes! We have taken out all parabens, sulfates and artificial dyes.
  2. Great for everyone! Each box offers an aromatherapy experience. We love The Spa box for that person who needs to unwind or The Rejuvenate Box someone who needs a boost!
  3. Useful. Everyone could use a good lotion and mood enhancing shower gel!
  4. It’s effortless, yet thoughtful. This grab and go gift is perfect for the busy gift-giver!
  5. Beautifully wrapped and ready to give! We took all the work out of gift giving by pairing great products and doing the wrapping for you. You will love the beautiful bows that top each box!  

Come in today with your list for stress-free holiday shopping!

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Meet the Creator of the Miracle Gel


Event Dates:
Uptown: December 15th, 2-6pm
Lakeside: December 16th, 2-6pm

Beth Gagnon’s impressive knowledge of the body draws on three decades’ experience in natural medicine and alternative health. Beth holds a diploma in Homeopathy, is an accredited Feldenkrais practitioner and has trained with best-in-field teachers in many forms of alternative therapy including Magnetic and Electro-magnetic Therapy, Somatic Breath Work, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, and MLD for Face. A childlike fascination and inquisitiveness about the body’s healing powers drives Beth’s ongoing research into optimum health and wellbeing.

Born in New Orleans and after graduating from the University of Southwestern Louisiana Beth moved to Los Angeles in the early ’80s where she co-ran a natural health clinic focused on immune system support. Using custom-made magnetic and electro-magnetic tools, Beth worked with people seeking optimum health and others challenged by cancer and AIDS that deepened her understanding of the body’s defense and rejuvenation systems. After moving to London in the late ’80s she applied her knowledge of health and the body to the skin, creating  The Gagnon System – a revolutionary approach to beauty rooted in immune system enhancement.

Gagnon Essentials signature product, The Gel, was born in Beth’s kitchen in 1984. It has been selling itself ever since. A product of Eastern wisdom and Western science, Beth based The Gel on research by a doctor practicing Western medicine in China. He discovered a safe, topical formula for the skin that works like acupuncture. By stimulating the body’s own healing systems, it proved effective in treating cuts, wounds, and various skin conditions. Combining this mineral salt with carefully selected homeopathic medicines, Beth created The Gel.

The Gel has many stories to tell – stories of reviving aging skin, of treating skin conditions and of healing after injuries, accidents and surgery.  Gagnon Essentials has over 30 years of testimonials about The Gel received from men, women and children, beauty insiders and healthcare professionals – a true testament to its ongoing legacy of healing and rejuvenating skin.

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Permanent Skin Soultions: The Earthsavers Way


We are so excited to introduce the Lamprobe! This device treats common minor skin conditions that are bothersome and keep your skin from looking its best. The Lamprobe service is non-invasive, quick and is performed without anesthesia. Results are instant! Many conditions can be perfected in just one treatment!

What can LAMPROBE help with?

  • Skin tags
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Broken capillaries
  • Milia
  • Fibromas
  • Keratosis
  • Clogged pores and more!

Am I a Candidate?
Any skin type can be treated, but we don’t recommend this treatment for those who are pregnant, have skin infections, have heart problems, or diabetics* (*unless cleared by their physician).

Interested? Call to book a FREE consultation to learn more about what Lamprobe can do for you!

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Waxing: The Earthsavers Way


Do you dread waxing? Let’s be honest, it’s not the most fun appointment to make. But, all waxing is not created equal! We have made it our mission to keep waxing as relaxing as possible. We use the best products available and perform waxing in our tranquil spa rooms, complete with calming music and aromatherapy.

Read on to find out what makes Earthsavers waxing different!

The Products:
Our waxes and post wax products are gentle, yet effective. We use several different waxes, depending on the area waxed and your skin type. Our Rosette Wax is formulated for sensitive areas with chamomile and rose. Our Lavender Wax is made with lavender and chamomile, perfect for all areas (including bikini)! Both of these options contain Titanium Dioxide for extra skin-soothing benefits!

Earthsavers has offered waxing for over 20 years and we have perfected the technique! We are consistently ranked in “the best place to get a wax” category in Gambit’s yearly Best of New Orleans issue.

All waxing is performed by our expertly trained and experienced estheticians. Waxing is their passion! You will love the attention to detail involved in every service. They will work with you to make sure your wax is perfect and as pain-free as possible.

Things to Remember:
Safety is SO important to us. When having facial waxing you must be off Retinols for 3-5 days. Can’t bear to take a break? We also offer tweezing and threading, which are safe for clients still using Retinols!

Call to book an appointment to find out why we love our waxing services!

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Immune Workshop: Learn how to protect yourself

ES1611-1784_ElizabethBloomBlogImageWe are beyond excited about our next informational event! Elizabeth  Bloom, creator of Elizabeth Essentials, will be here discussing how to stay healthy naturally for the holidays.

Elizabeth is the Founder and Director of Elizabeth Essentials, a line of therapeutic essential oil blends that promote optimal health and well-being. Her 30+ years of experience has positioned her as an authority in the field of holistic medicine. Elizabeth can be seen on Deepak Chopra’s video series titled “Women’s Heath” and in Lifestyle Magazine.

Elizabeth will present the key products needed to protect your immune health, including ImmuAir and ImmuShield. ImmuAir is a blend of essential oils and colloidal silver that protects against airborne bacteria, viruses and mold. Great for public spaces, such as airplanes and schools. ImmuShield is applied to the feet and is formulated to boost your immune system and protect against viruses. She will discuss the amazing benefits and healing powers of colloidal silver. Bring your health questions: Elizabeth will be available for a Q&A after the talk!

Elizabeth will be at our Mandeville location Tuesday, November 8th and at Well @ Earthsavers Lakeside on November 9th and 10th from 6:00PM – 8:00PM. You don’t want to miss this! Call to reserve your spot now!

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What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping Therapy New Orleans NOLA Earthsavers

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