giving back
As a company we talk a lot about the "Earthsavers experience."
This is a feeling of wellness and satisfaction inspired through our spa services and retail environment. The Earthsavers experience, however, goes beyond that. It is about finding ways to get the most joy out of life and fully nourish yourself. Our philosophy is that it is impossible to achieve these goals without giving back to the world around us. Our giving and fundraising efforts, post-Katrina, are focused on the rebuilding of our beloved city. 100% of the sales proceeds from following items will donated to support these very special projects.

Friends of City Park - Park Restoration:

City Park, one of the largest and oldest urban parks in the country, lies at the heart of New Orleans. It is home to the largest collection of mature, live oak trees in the world and it is the largest outdoor recreation area in the city. During Hurricane Katrina the park suffered catastrophic damage and has been working hard over the last two years to recover and improve. The design company, Not Neutral, has released a limited edition plate for the holidays that will benefit the recovery of City Park. If you would like to purchase a City Park plate please click here.

global green - holy cross neighborhood project:

Following hurricane Katrina, Global Green recognized an opportunity at the heart of the destruction in New Orleans. They saw the possibility to rebuild New Orleans not only better and safer, but greener. Global Green purchased a section of the Holy Cross Neighborhood in the 9th ward. They have been working with the local community and resources all over the country to redesign and rebuild it as a sustainable, green community.
The Holy Cross Community will feature a green building center, an 18- unit apartment complex, five single-family homes, and a two story community/retail center. All of these structures will be built with environmental sustainability in mind. Through the sale of Global Green Save NOLA shirts, Earthsavers hopes to raise enough money to fund the green features of a single-family home. To purchase a Global Green Save NOLA t-shirt please click here.

habitat for humanity - musicianís village:

The Musician's Village in the upper 9th ward will consist of 70, single-unit, Habitat-constructed homes for displaced New Orleans musicians and their families. Its centerpiece will be the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music, dedicated to the education and development of homeowners and others who will live nearby.
Through the sale of Save NOLA shirts and gifts at our stores, we were able to raise $45,000.00, paying for half the construction costs of a two bedroom home in the musician's village neighborhood. Earthsavers employees also donated their time to help with construction. We are so proud to play a part in supporting the music and families of our city. If you would like to purchase a Save NOLA T-Shirt please click here.
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